The Alvecote Herd

Red, Dexter Cattle in Wales

Dexter Cow and Calf

About the Herd

The Alvecote herd of pedigree Dexter cattle was named after the tiny Warwickshire village where it was founded in the year 2000 with the purchase of two heifers and is now, well established here in Ceredigion, Mid Wales.

The majority of my herd now comprises non short leg Dexter cattle, ideal for the practical smallholder like me to produce some milk for the house together with an adequate amount of beef. All offspring produced from my considered breeding programme are handled from birth and receive every care and attention possible in order to help them fulfil their potential. Any horned cattle are disbudded for ease of management.

Due to the risk of disease transmission/health scheme regulations, I do not offer bulls for hire or take visiting cows.

High Welfare Standards

My philosophy has always been to provide the very best for my cattle right from the start in terms of good nutrition, management and health care. All my animals recognise their own name and are treated with the compassion and respect they deserve. I specialise in producing red, dual purpose Dexter cattle.

Elite Health Status

My herd is accredited free of BVD, IBR, Leptospirosis and Johne's Disease (Risk Level 1). Choosing health accredited stock (of any breed) is important on a number of levels. Some of these diseases are zoonotic (passed from animals to humans), they cause harm and suffering to cattle and unfortunately due to the idiosyncratic nature of some diseases you cannot always tell an animal is a 'carrier' on visual inspection or 'one off' testing for risk based diseases.

I also subscribe to the bTB scheme and officially accredited as a 'low risk' (Level 10) holding for Bovine TB.

Advance Notice of Herd Dispersal

Good opportunity for new breeder to acquire small herd established 18 years ago.

Enquiries/Reservations welcome


Jacqui Parkes
Phone 01974 821522
Mobile 07980 642734
Email alvecoteherd at btinternet dot com